By: Seventh of Seven
Date: 11/1/98 9:02:40 PM
# Replies: 25

as you may or may not know, i'm in houston pending an announcement from peace corps as to where i'm to go for the next two years of my life. well my expected departure date was early to mid january but just recently i found out some frustrating news. apparently there has been civil unrest of some sort in the south pacific island where i was supposed to serve (they named a cocktail after it, but i can't quite remember what it is. somewhere near samoa), and therefore the country has withdrawn its request for me. so instead, i'm set back living with microwaves and cadillacs for another five months or so, until the peace corps can set me up with another deal. right now, they've got me pencilled in for nepal! now this isn't 100% certain, but my mind is already reeling from the awesome thought of being in nepal for two years. climbing the himalayas with saged sherpas, singing kumbaya in katmandu, raiding the lost ark, you name it. actually, my knowledge of nepal is very limited. does anyone know anything of substance about the country?

Response #1
By: Homer The Brave
Date: 11/2/98 6:27:25 PM

All I know is that they'll shoot you if you claim to be Bob Seger.

I'd really like to go to Nepal. Rent 'Little Buddha,' and then pretend the whole country will be like that. Maybe it will.

Response #2
By: Seventh of Seven
Date: 11/2/98 9:07:24 PM

i went to the local library today to see what books they have on nepal. all i could find was a small book in the juvinile section (it's not a very big library). actually, the book is pretty informative, and it's got lots of gorgeous pictures of leather skinned folk hiking up faggots of firewood through the himalayas, indian tigers roaming through the jungle of the Terai. i'm quite excited about the entire prospect.

Response #3
By: Da Sissop
Date: 11/3/98 6:44:31 AM

A quick Yahoo search shows that they do have some internet connections.

Response #4
By: Seventh of Seven
Date: 11/3/98 9:14:20 PM

hehe..that means i can be a nun in nepal!

(that is, if they'll let me bring along a laptop, and none of the swarmy sherpas steal it)

Response #5
By: Seventh of Seven
Date: 2/16/99 3:24:19 PM

um, forget all that about nepal. does anyone know anything about cote d'ivoire?

Response #6
By: Gowan McGland
Date: 2/16/99 8:47:50 PM

Formerly the Ivory Coast. A Republic that won it's independence from France in 1960.

Response #7
By: The Sorcerer
Date: 2/16/99 8:56:38 PM

The Ivory Coast?!? They weren't fighting anybody or involved in civil war the last time I remember hearing, but it is next to Liberia which has been having some troubles again. Ummm... They got their independence from France back in the 60's when all that fighting was going on in Africa. They are a democracy I believe, well sorta'... The kind where the same guy keeps winning the election over and over again. ;) And that's all I remember, nothing really useful. Have you looked on the internet? Maybe their tourist board has a website.


Response #8
By: The Sorcerer
Date: 2/16/99 9:00:14 PM

Ooops.... Looks like Gowan types faster than I do. :) Gowan said...


Response #9
By: sooz
Date: 2/17/99 10:43:37 PM

That Gowan, he overfloweth with information. I use him as a walkin' encyclopedia.

Response #10
By: Da Sissop
Date: 2/18/99 6:09:51 AM

Oooh, SoS, could ya bring me back a few tusks?

Response #11
By: Capt. Spastic
Date: 2/18/99 12:29:59 PM

Alabama... Where the Tusks Are Loosa.

Response #12
By: Tess Trueheart
Date: 2/20/99 7:06:21 AM

Does this mean we need to have another going away snerd?

Response #13
By: Da Sissop
Date: 2/20/99 7:53:41 AM

Yaay! More snerds! More snerds! Come on back SoS so we can send ya away again!

Response #14
By: Roxanne
Date: 2/20/99 10:34:48 AM

Speaking of people who go away...

Hi Y'all!

Just lil ol' RoxyBabe peeking in to see what everyone is up to these days!

Big hugs to all!

Response #15
By: Tess Trueheart
Date: 2/21/99 8:12:31 AM

ROXY BABE! Where the hell have you been! Smooooch! Missed ya babe!

Oh Roxy Babe, come out and play with me.. and bring your dollies three..climb up my...well we won't go there today!

Response #16
By: The Sorcerer
Date: 2/21/99 2:42:00 PM

Huh...What...did someone say Snerd?

Oh, hey! Hiya RoxyBabe, welcome back!! Where've you been hiding yourself?


Response #17
By: Seventh of Seven
Date: 2/22/99 12:08:22 PM

roxy! are you in houston? with all the excitement in the room, i think it's time for a hakuna matata.

hakuna matata people, nothing's happening just yet. i'm sure to snerd before I go for real, but right now I have no clue when that will be. all i know is that i'm not going to Nepal, because the government no longer wants engineers. and there's maybe a 50% chance I'm going to cote d'ivoire. (my other choices are jamaica, bolivia, or zambia. what do you think?)

Response #18
By: The Sorcerer
Date: 2/22/99 9:06:05 PM


Response #19
By: sooz
Date: 2/23/99 1:54:41 PM

Jamaica, mon.

Response #20
By: Da Sissop
Date: 2/23/99 6:51:19 PM

Jamaica Jamaica.

Well *kinda* on the snerd front, Jay and I have been tapped to act as *Official Witnesses* at what Guiness hopes will be the World's Largest Toast this Friday. It's a nationwide phenomenon, but our little corner of it will be at The Ale House. Festivities get underway around 7-ish, capped off by the toast at 11. I will be stuck at the door *counting* people, but still... Come on out, whydoncha?

Response #21
By: Homer The Brave
Date: 2/25/99 3:07:35 AM

Cote d'Ivoire!

(someone's got to dissent..)

Fang, when I read 'world's largest toast,' I thought you meant like bread, in an oven for a while, then with butter and maybe honey and/or cinnamon.

Cinna, mon!

Response #22
By: rorschach
Date: 2/25/99 1:49:12 PM

didn't I hear something about a civil war breaking out there just recently?

Response #23
By: Da Sissop
Date: 2/25/99 8:53:19 PM

At the Ale House? I wouldn't call it a "civil war" really; more like one of the usual standard rifts between the bartenders and the waitstaff.

World's Largest Piece of Toast, this Friday, sponsored by the fine folks who bring you Guiness Stout, trying to get into the Guiness Book of Records. Conflict of interest? You be the judge.

Response #24
By: Da Sissop
Date: 2/27/99 7:55:26 AM

Umm... so, did anybody go?

Me, I'm sick, see.

Response #25
By: Capt. Spastic
Date: 3/2/99 12:27:58 PM

What a lame excuse!

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