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Update 11/16/2004

Just received word that there's a ZZP Christmas show this year as well!

Saturday, Dec 18th @ Fitzgeralds

...and...AND, not only will they be celebrating the spirit of the season and the birth of big baby Jesus, it looks like they will also be celebrating the release of their very first full-length CD!

I kid you not. Go check out the comments if you don't believe me.


Update 12/20/2003

For those of you with broadband internet connections, or failing that, tremendous patience, I present Candy Girl, a 20 MB video in Windows Media format, from the 12/18/03 Fitzgerald's show. Once again, I strongly encourage you to right-click and "Save" for repeated enjoyment offline. (Profanity alert! Don't crank the volume at work unless you have really cool co-workers.)


Update 12/18/2003

I managed to capture the stream of yesterday's KPFT radio interview, which you can now find here. You probably wanna do the right-click, "Save As" thing.

Heh. "Capture the stream."

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